Aug 29, 2019

We saw lots of digital pet games during the last crypto boom: Crypto Kitties, Coin Dogs, Ethermon, Axie Infinity, Crypto Puppies, Blockchain Cuties, Hyper Dragons, to name just a few.

Currently, most of these types of games have no active users or stopped altogether.

This crypto games craze was inspired by the popularity of Crypto Kitties in the late 2017. After that, myriads of new games were created, released and marketed through all possible channels.

During the boom, the market was oversaturated with all kinds of crypto games, involving pets, fighting pets, robot-pets, robots, bots or no characters at all, but with catchy and addictive game mechanics.

In that crowd, Nimipet was an exception because of its unique browser-mining based game engine, and gameplay that, inspired by the original Tamagotchi, grew organically from the browser-mining engine.

The browser-mining was not only a savior but also a curse. It was the main reason behind the Nimipet's shut down.

So what's next for Nimipet? The new Nimiq Hub API provides amazing opportunities for a new digital pets ownership system. And then, maybe Nimipet proof-of-stake?

No concrete plans yet, just thinking.

Aug 3, 2019

Nimipet's future is yet uncertain.

Read about the Nimipet's past on Medium.

May 31, 2019

Nimipet, a digital crypto pets game which is an innovative take on once popular tamagotchi games, will be re-positioned, re-structured and re-launched sometime in the future. It will be different, but still the same old good Nimipet.

If you have ideas how to take this to the next level, we are always happy to hear from you:

January 16, 2019

Nimipet digital crypto pets project is no longer active. It was a good run, thanks everyone for taking part in it.

The main reasons for shutting it down are:
- Nimbus pool stopped working. It was no longer possible to mine food for nimipets.
- There were no resources available for supporting and actively maintaining the app.

If you were one of the last players with the "alive" (or resurrected/zombie) nimipet, to withdraw your NIM, please send your NIM address from the email associated with your Nimipet account to

All remaining withdrawals will be made manually in a single batch, at some point during the next month.

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